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B10. 1831 Summons to King William lV's Coronation

13 x 8ins. Handwritten, signed by the Earl Marshal with the King's signature at the head.
Summons addressed to Charlotte Julia, second wife of George William, 13th Earl of Rothes, to the Coronation of William lV on September 8th 1831. Charlotte's husband had died in 1817 so she was now the Dowager Countess.
The summons reads:
Right Trusty and Right Wellbeloved Cousin - We greet you well. Whereas the eighth day of September next is appointed for the Royal Solemnity of Our and the Queen's Coronation. These are to will and Command you (all excuses set apart) to make your personal attendance on Us at the time above mentioned furnished and appointed as to your Rank and Quality appertaineth, there to do and perform all such services as shall be required and belong unto you. Whereof you are not to fail. And so We bid you most heartily farewell.
Given at our Court at St James's the second day of August 1831, in the second year of Our Reign.
By His Majesty's Command.
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