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E1, E2 & E12 Leslie House

A view of Leslie House.
11 1/4 x 9ins.
Published by W. Miller, 1803.

Another copy of the above.
7 1/4 x 10ins.
With legend, probably as the house was before the fire 1763.

Distant view of Leslie House (Web opening page)
5 x 7ins.
After the fire 1763.

E13. John Leslie, Bishop of Ross.

Joh Leslie, Bishop of Ross, 1526-1596.
7 x 5ins.
Published 1795 by L. Herbert, London, engraved by Barlow.
Lawyer, theologian and political adviser to Mary, Queen of Scots. Author of 'The Laws of Scotland' and 'The History of Scotland 1436-1561.'

E18 & E19. John, 6th Earl of Rothes.

John, 6th Earl of Rothes.
6 x 4 1/2ins. Full length. Latin inscription dated 1625.

Another, oval on a square, head and shoulders.
5 x 4ins.
From a drawing in the possession of A.H. Sutherland, published 1816 by T.Rodd of London.

E9 & E22. Duke of Rothes.

John, 7th Earl and Duke of Rothes.
6 x 7ins.
Inscribed as 'from the original of Sir P. Lely in the collection of the Earl of Rothes. Drawn by W. Hilton R.A. & Engraved with permission by C. Peart.'
The portrait by Sir P. Lely of the Earl is unlike this illustration which was almost certainly taken from the Wright portrait (q.v. P5.)

Detail 4 x 3ins. from the same portrait.

E23. John, 9th Earl of Rothes.

John, 9th Earl of Rothes, eldest son of Maragret, 8th Countess in her own right.
Oval in a square, 5 x 4 1/2ins.
Incorrectly entitled 7th Earl but undoubtedly 9th by comparison with P19, P27 & P29.

E8 & E14. Alexander, Earl of Leven.

Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven.
7 x 8 1/2ins.
Man in armour, detailed face, line drawn armour.

Oval 6 x 4ins.
From a miniature in the possession of The Earl of Leven.

E15, E20 & E21. David Leslie, Lord Newark.

David Leslie, 1st Lord Newark 1601-1682.
7 x 6ins.
Taken from an original by Sir P. Lely in the collection of The Duke of Hamilton.

Small circlet 3 1/2ins. diam.

Another circlet of the same.

E16 & E17. Alexander Leslie of Auchintoul

Alexander Leslie of Auchintoul on a horse.
6 x 5ins.
General in the Scottish army. Founder of the Russian branch.

Head and shoulders of the above.
5 x 3ins.

E10. Count Walter Leslie.

Walter Leslie, 2nd son of John Leslie, 10th Baron of Balquhain, 1606-1667.
8 x 6 1/2ins. With Latin inscription.
Count of the Holy Roman Empire, Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

E3 & E4. John, 10th Earl of Rothes.

Taken from the Reynolds portrait. Two copies, engraved by J. McArdell.
20 x 13 1/2ins.

E5. Hannah Howard, Countess of Rothes.

Hannah Howard, 1st wife of John, 10th Earl of Rothes.
9 1/2 x 11 1/2ins.
Taken from a portrait by Coates. (Not in the family's possession)

E6 Mary Lloyd, Countess of Rothes.

Mary Lloyd, 2nd wife of John, 10th Earl of Rothes.
11 1/2 x 9 1/2ins.
Said to be taken from a Reynolds portrait. (Not in the family's possession). She married secondly Bennett Langton, a friend of Dr Samuel Johnson.

E7 & E7a. Lady Mary Leslie.

Lady Mary Leslie, portrait of a young girl with four lambs. Youngest child of John, 10th Earl of Rothes and his first wife, Hannah Howard.
Taken from a portrait by Reynolds now in the possession of the Iveagh Trust which hangs at Kenwood House, North London.
9 1/2 x 11 1/2ins.
A worn detail of the above, 6 x 4 1/2ins.

E24. James, Count Leslie.

James, 2nd Count Leslie on a horse.
6 x 5ins.
Nephew and heir to Count Walter. Sponsor for Laurus Lesliana (1692)

E25. Lady Elizabeth Leslie.

Lady Elizabeth Leslie.
4 1/2 x 3 1/2ins.
2nd daughter of 13th Earl of Rothes and his 2nd wife, Charlotte Julia.
Engraved by Thomson from a drawing by W. Delacourt. Published by Whittaker & Co of London, 1831, in the series The Female Nobility.

E63. Duke of Rothes Funeral procession

The Duke of Rothes died at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, 1681. His body was transported back to Leslie House, Fife, for internment in the family vault. The order of precedence in the procession for the many civil and military bodies wishing to be represented was laid down by The Lord Lyon and published in four sheets. The procession was said to be 17 miles long.
Charles ll offered to pay for the funeral expenses but regrettably by the time the total had been worked out he was no longer on the throne and his son, James, refused to have anything to do with it. It was said by historians to have been 'a great financial burden upon the family for many years...'

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