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P38: David Leslie, 1st Lord Newark (1601-1682)

17th century portrait by unknown artist.
Oil on canvas, oval 26 x 21 ins.

Thought to be David Leslie, 1st Lord Newark, date and period are correct and likeness to engraving E15. Coronet incorporated in ornate frame indicates a member of the peerage.

Served as a colonel in the Swedish army until recalled to Scotland by the Covenanters 1637. Appointed Lieut-General in the Scottish army and sent to England to assist the English Parliament against Charles I. Defeated Montrose at Philiphaugh 1645. Defeated by Cromwell at Dunbar 1650. Captured soon after the battle of Worcester 1651. Created Lord Newark by Charles II on his Restoration.

Purchased on the closure of Leslie House 2003.
Cleaned and restored by James H. Barry 2003.

P1: Andrew, 5th Earl of Rothes (c. 1530 - 1611)

Unknown Scottish Artist.
Oil on board, oval 30 x 24 ins.
Pink doublet, silver buttons, black jerkin with gold buttons, gold sword hilt, blue-grey eyes, brown hair background shadowed.
Legend corrected to 5th Earl.
Cleaned etc Michael Leslie, 1994.
Eldest son of George, 4th Earl's 3rd marriage to Agnes Somerville. Succeeded his father as 5th Earl 1558. His elder half-brothers, Norman and William forfeited their rights having been implicated in the murder of Cardinal Beaton, 1546. He died 1611 and was succeeded by his grandson, John, the only surviving son of James, Master of Rothes, eldest son of his first wife, Grizel Hamilton, who died before his father. He married 1st. Grizel Hamilton, dau. of Sir James Hamilton of Finnart, they had 3 sons and 2 daughters; 2nd Jean Ruthven, dau. of Patrick Lord Ruthven, they had 2 daughters; 3rd Janet Durie, dau. of David Durie of that Ilk, they had 3 sons and 2 daughters. (See also Miniatures M5)

P5: John, 7th Earl & Duke of Rothes (c.1630 - 1681)

By John Michael Wright.
Oil on canvas 50 x 40 ins.
Black armour, brown lance, white sash, cravat and plume, servant in the background in blue, horse with red saddlecloth.
Inscribed: 'John Duke of Rothes/Lord High Treasurer, Lord Keeper/of the Great Seal + afterwards Lord High Chancellor of Scotland + c.'
Engraving incorrectly states as by Lely.(see E9,E22)
Literature: 'Greenwich Armour in the portraits of John Michael Wright by Guy Wilson, Connoisseur, Feb 1575.
Exhibited: Summer 1982 Scottish National Portrait Gallery 'John Michael Wright - The King's Painter' (illus. cat.pp 71)
October 1989 together with Duchess (P4). Scottish National Portrait Gallery ' Patrons and Painters, Art in Scotland 1650-1760'.
John only son of John, 6th Earl (Min. M6) and his wife Lady Anne Erskine succeeded his father 1641, aged 11. In 1648 he married Lady Anne Lindsay, dau. of The Earl of Crawford and Lindsay. They had 2 daughters.

P41: John, Duke of Rothes

By L. Schunemann.
Oil on canvas 48 x 39 ins.
Companion portrait to his wife Anne (P26) by the same artist. Not inscribed but undoubtedly the Duke in his robes as Lord High Chancellor of Scotland.
Purchased from Sothebys 2004 on closure of Leslie House.
Extensively restored and cleaned by James H. Barry 2004.

P31: John, Duke of Rothes

Jacob Schunemann.
Oil on Canvas 47 x 38 ins.
Wearing the Chancellor's robes.
Inscribed 'John, Duke of Rothes'.
In 1651 he carried the Sword of State at the Coronation of Charles ll at Scone. Captured at the battle of Worcester 1651, returned to Scotland 1655 and finally liberated 1658 on payment of a fine to Oliver Cromwell. After Charles ll Restoration 1660, appointed President of the Privy Council of Scotland and 1661 Lord High Chancellor for life. 1680 He was created Duke of Rothes, Marquis of Ballinbreich, Earl of Leslie, Viscount Lugtoun, Lord Auchmoutie and Caskieberrie. (See Charter B4). These titles were conferred on him and his heirs male only so the Dukedom died with him in 1681. A previous charter obtained in 1663 enabled the Earldom to pass through the female line so on his death his elder daughter, Margaret, succeeded as a Countess in her own right.
He died at Holyrood in Edinburgh 27 July 1681. (M7,M11,M12) As a great statesman he was awarded a state funeral. The procession bearing the body back to Leslie for burial was said to be 17 miles long.(E63)

P4: Anne Lindsay, Duchess of Rothes

By David or John Scougal
Oil on canvas mounted on board, 29 x 23 ins.
White dress, green drape, green stones in brooches, brown hair.
Exhibited: October 1989 together with Duke (P5). Scottish National Portrait Gallery - Patrons and Painters, Art in Scotland 1650 - 1760'
Cleaned etc. Michael Leslie 1994.
Lady Anne Lindsay, daughter of John, 10th Earl of Crawford and Lindsay, married 1648, John, 7th Earl, later Duke of Rothes. They had 2 daughters. (M13)

P26: Anne Lindsay, Duchess of Rothes

By L. Schunemann.
Oil on canvas 50 x 40ins.
Orange dress, blue drape, fair hair, landscape with sunset behind.
Inscribed 'Lady Anne Lindsay/Eldest daugher of John, Earl of Crawford + Lindsay, married to /John, Duke of Rothes.'
Destroyed in James Bourlet fire 1991

P15: Double Portrait of Charles, 5th Earl of Haddington and Margaret, Countess of Rothes.

Circle of John Michael Wright.
Oil on canvas 56 x 68 ins.
Seated three-quarter length, Charles in a brown cloak, Margaret in a white dress. With identifying inscription. The basket of flowers between them probably indicates an early betrothal portrait.
They married in 1674 and had three sons. The eldest, John succeeded his mother as 9th Earl, the second Thomas, succeeded his father as 6th Earl of Haddington and the third, Charles died young. The 1663 Charter whereby Margaret inherited also stipulated that the titles of Rothes and Haddington should not be conjoined unless there was only one child. Margaret died in 1700.

P22: Margaret, Countess of Rothes

By John Baptiste de Medina
Oil on canvas 49 x 40 ins.
Blue dress, red drape, sunset background.
Inscribed: 'Margaret/Countess of Rothes, Eldest/Daughter + heir of John, Duke of Rothes/Married to Chas, 5th Earl of Haddington.'
Margaret was the daughter of the 7th Earl and therefore 8th in succession, her son therefore became the 9th Earl. Some refer to her son as the 8th Earl but all modern references are to Margaret, 8th Countess, and her son as the 9th Earl.
A related version of this painting was in the possession of the Earl of Haddington 1961.
Destroyed in James Bourlet fire 1991.

P62. Lady Christian Leslie, Marchioness of Montrose

A Follower of Sir John Baptiste Medina.
Oil on canvas. Oval 29 X 24ins.
Younger daughter of John, Duke of Rothes and Anne Lindsay. Married James, 3rd Marquis of Montrose, circa 1681,and was the mother of the 1st Duke of Montrose. The Marquis died in 1684 and she married secondly Sir John Bruce of Balcaskie and Kinross, 1687, by whom there were no children. She died in 1710.

Purchased from Sotheby's on closure of Leslie House 2003.
Cleaned and restored by James H. Barry 2004.

P36. Christian Leslie, Lady Bruce (1661-1710)

Attr. John or David Scougal
Oil on canvas. 50 x 40ins.
Lady Christian Leslie, 2nd daughter of John, 7th Earl (later Duke) of Rothes and Anne Lindsay was born 1661. Married 1st. 1681 James, 3rd Marquis of Montrose and was the mother of the 1st Duke of Montrose; 2nd. 1687 Sir John Bruce of Kinross, by whom there were no children. She died 1710. On loan.

P28: Elizabeth Leslie

Unknown artist (circa 1650)
Oil on canvas 28 x 24 ins.
Portrait of Mrs Elizabeth Leslie, half length, wearing a grey dress with white underbodice and a pink indian shawl, set in a painted oval.
Inscribed 'LL Mrs Eliz Leslie, daughter of Sir John Leslie of Newton, married to the Laird of Grange.'

P19: John, 8th Earl of Rothes (1675-1722)

By John Scougal.
Oil on canvas on panel. Oval 12 x 10 ins.
Small half length, in armour.
Inscribed:'John, 8th Earl of Rothes son of Margaret 8th Countess and 9th Earl'. Inscription incorrect, now described a 9th Earl being 9th in succession.
It is possible that since this and the next portrait are by the same artist that this is some form of study for the larger picture. (see also M18)

P29: John 8th Earl of Rothes (1675-1722)

By John Scougal
Oil on canvas 48 x 37ins.
Wrongly inscribed as 8th Earl, 9th Earl, son of Margaret, 8th Countess. There is likely to be some connection between this portrait and the previous smaller picture P19. On loan.

P27: John, 9th Earl of Rothes

By John Baptiste de Medina, signed and dated 1694.
Oil on canvas 48 x 37ins.
Three quarter length wearing armour.
Inherited as 9th Earl on the death of his mother 1700. Obtained new patent 1702 confirming the separation of the Rothes and Haddington titles and estates. 1711 sold remaining estates at Rothes. Opposed Jacobites who as revenge sacked Leslie House. Appointed Vice-Admiral of Scotland by George l soon after his Accession 1715, and the following year Governor of Stirling Castle.
Being interested in country pursuits he introduced the cultivation of turnips thereby enabling stock to be kept over winter.

P39: Hon. Charles & Hon. Thomas Leslie

Probably by Gerald Soest
Oil on canvas 50 x 40 ins.
Inscribed incorrectly as sons of the 8th Earl.
Two sons of John, 9th Earl and his wife Jean Hay (q.v.)
On the right Charles, 2nd son see P30. On the left Thomas, 3rd son. Thomas was equerry to the Prince of Wales 1742. Wounded and taken prisoner by the Jacobites at the battle of Preston 1745. Member of Parliament for Perth 1743, 1747 & 1754. Died in London 1772 leaving an only child Catherine as his heir.

Purchased on the closure of Leslie House 2003.
Cleaned and restored by James H. Barry 2003

P40:Jean Hay, Countess of Rothes with her eldest son John, Lord Leslie

By John Baptiste Medina and his studio.
Oil on canvas 50 X 40 ins.
Seated with her eldest son, John as a young boy, by her side.
Blue dress, gold coloured drape. Both images inscribed 'Lady Jean Hay 2nd daugther of John 2nd Marq. Tweeddale married John 8th Earl of Rothes.' and ' John Lord leslie'.
She married John 9th Earl of Rothes 1697.

Purchased from Leslie House 2003.
Cleaned etc. James H. Barry 2004.

P23: Jean Hay, Countess of Rothes

By John Baptiste de Medina and his studio
Oil on canvas 49 x 40 ins.
Blue dress, pink drape and blue sky.
Possibly old Leslie House with Italian garden in the background.
Inscribed: 'Lady Jean Hay/2nd daughter of John 2nd Marqs. of Tweedale/Married to John, 8th Earl of Rothes'.
Lady Jean Hay was the daughter of the 2nd Marquis of Tweedale. married 1697, John, 9th Earl of Rothes. They had 12 children, 8 sons and 4 daughters. She died 1731.
Destroyed in James Bourlet fire 1991

P30: Hon: Charles Leslie

By William Aikman
Oil on canvas. 50 x 40 ins.
Three quarter length in green gold-embroidered suit.
The Hon: Charles Leslie was the 2nd son of John, 9th Earl of Rothes. Joined a Scottish regiment in the service of the States of Holland attaining the rank of Colonel. He died in London 1769.

P17: John, 10th Earl of Rothes (1698-1767)

Circle of Sir Peter Lely.
Oil on canvas 50 x 40 ins
Three-quarter length, in a brown coat, in a landscape.
With identifying inscription.
John, eldest son of John, 9th Earl and Lady Jean Hay succeeded his father as 10th Earl in 1722. 1746 the abolition of heritable offices forced him to relinquish the office of Lord Lieutenent and Sherrif principal of Fife, held in the family since George, 4th Earl. Joined the army 1715 and was a successful soldier until he died in 1767 by which time he was Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in Ireland, a General, Colonel of the 3rd Regiment of Footguards, a Privy Councillor in Ireland and a Knight of the Thistle.

P37. John, 10th Earl of Rothes

Circle of Allan Ramsay
Oil on canvas, 28 x 24ins.
Bust length oval within rectangular canvas, wearing breastplate.
Formerly in the collection of The Earl of Haddington.
During his life time on Christmas day 1763, Leslie House was destroyed by fire. Adverse weather hampered effective firefighting and with few exceptions most of the valuables were lost. To finance the re-building of the house the Barony of Ballinbreich was sold to the Marquis of Zetland. The Barony had been in the family over 400 years. The original west side was restored and is the house as it stands to-day. Rebuilding took 4 years and the Earl moved back into the house for a short time before he died there 1767. (see M14) On loan.

P2: John, 10th Earl of Rothes

By Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Oil on canvas 49 x 39 ins.
Red jacket, gold facings, pink sash and Order of the Thistle.
A copy from the collection of the Earl of Haddington was sold at Sothebys Tyninghame sale 1987.
Engraved Mezzotint by J. McArdell.
Cleaned 1984.
The dress uniform clearly shows the green sash of the Order of the Thistle, Scotland's oldest Order of Chivalry.
In 1741 he married Hannah Howard and they had 2 sons and 2 daughters. She died 1761 and he married 2ndly Miss Lloyd 1763 but there were no more children.

P7: Hannah Howard, Countess of Rothes

Probably by Jeremiah Davison
Oil on canvas, 48 x 39 ins.
In Peeress's robes, blue-green drape.
Wrongly inscribed; 'Hannah, Daughter/of John 2nd Marqs of Tweedale/Married to John, 9th Earl of Rothes.'
Hannah Howard was the daughter of Matthew Howard of Norfolk, who married John, 10th Earl of Rothes in 1741. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters. She died 1761.
Cleaned etc. Michael Leslie 1993.

P18: Hannah Howard and her elder son, John, later 11th Earl

By Thomas Bardwell.
Oil on canvas 72 x 48 ins
Cut from a larger canvas, full length. The lady in a silver dress with a blue scarf, hat and ribbons, the boy in pink, holding a hat in his left hand. In a wooded landscape.
Literature: M. Kirby Talley, Jr., Thomas Bardwell of Burgoy, Walpole Society,XLVL, no.118. fig. 17c.
John elder son of Hannah and John, 10th Earl, inherited as 11th Earl(M16)on the death of his father 1767. He died 1773 having married but without issue. He was succeeded by his sister Jane Elizabeth as 12th Countess in her own right.

P3: George,13th Earl of Rothes (1768-1817)

By Robert Dighton, signed Dighton/1808
Pencil and watercolour on paper, 18 x 15 ins.
White uniform, red collar and cuffs, black hat with red plume.
George, only surviving son of Jane Elizabeth, 12th Countess and her first husband, George Raymond Evelyn, succeeded as 13th Earl on the death of his mother 1810. He married 1st Hon: Henrietta Anne Pelham, dau of Lord Pelham and had 3 daughters, the eldest, Henrietta would succeed as 14th Countess. His first wife died 1797 and he married 2ndly Charlotte Julia Campbell, by whom he had 3 more daughters. He died 1817 and was succeeded by Henrietta, the eldest daughter of his first marriage.(see M20)
The sword potrayed in the picture also belongs to the Trust (see S42)

P6: Charlotte Julia Campbell, Countess of Rothes

Attributed to Richard Cosway
Pastel on paper. 22 x 17ins.
White dress, blue drape.
Charlotte Julia was the daughter of Col. Campbell of Dunoon, she married 1798, George, 13th Earl of Rothes as his second wife, they had 3 daughters. After the death of her husband she erected a memorial tablet to him in the church at Wotton, Surrey. (see M4 also Coronation invitations B10,B11)
Cleaned 1986 by Miss Jane McAusland who removed a beauty spot from her cheek as unauthentic.

P9: George William Villiers (1789 - 1841)

School of Hoppner
Oil on canvas 29 x 24 ins.
Great grandfather of Noel, Countess of Rothes (P24).
1811 married Eleanor Margaret eldest daughter of Sir James Naysmith, she died 1844. They had 12 children, 5 sons and 3 daughters surviving them. The second son, James, married Lucy Drummond and their daughter, Clementina, married Thomas Dyer-Edwardes of Prinknash, Glos. Their only daughter Lucy Noel Martha, married 1900, Norman Evelyn, 19th Earl of Rothes.
Portrait shows uniform of the Blues. He joined the army 1807 and served in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo when he was a member of Lord Edward Somerset's staff.

P16: Norman Evelyn, 19th Earl of Rothes (1877-1927)

by George Percy Jacomb-Hood, signed and dated '04
Oil on canvas 56 x 44 ins.
Three-quarter length by a table, in the uniform of The Royal Company of Archers.
The only son of Martin and Georgina Haworth Leslie. Martin, eldest son of Mary Elizabeth, 18th Countess, had died before his mother in 1882, so when she died 1893 the title went to her grandson, Norman Evelyn, as 19th Earl. In 1900 he married Noel Dyer-Edwardes and they had 2 sons.
Served in WWl, Colonel of the Highland Cycle Battalion, wounded twice and died 1927 as a result of his wounds.

P24: Noel Dyer-Edwardes, Countess of Rothes

By Monro Mackie, signed and dated 1923.
Oil on canvas 32 x 26 ins.
Noel Lucy Martha only daughter of Thomas Dyer-Edwardes of Prinknash, Glos. Married 1900, Norman Evelyn, 19th Earl of Rothes. They had 2 sons, Malcolm born 1902 and John born 1909. Her first husband died 1927 and she married 2ndly Col.Claud Macfie DSO, of the Seaforth Highlanders. She is remembered as a survivor of the Titanic disaster 1912 when it was said she behaved with conspicuous gallantry. She died 1956.
Cleaned and restored 1977.
Destroyed in James Bourlet fire 1991

P25: Malcolm, 20th Earl of Rothes (1902-1975)

By James Gunn, signed.
Oil on canvas 50 x 30ins.
In dress uniform of the Royal Company of Archers.
Malcolm George Dyer-Edwardes succeeded as 20th Earl on the death of his father in 1927. In 1926 he married Beryl Dugdale, daughter of Lionel Dugdale of Crathorne, Yorks. They had 1 son and 2 daughters. Brought up at Leslie House until the outbreak of WWl, thereafter lived in London. Representative Peer for Scotland until this system was abolished in 1959. He died 1975. The Rothes Chair in Public Health Opthalmology was established at London University 1977.
(See M23,M24,M25)
Destroyed in James Bourlet fire 1991

P11: Malcolm, 20th Earl of Rothes

By James Gunn, signed.
Oil on canvas 17 x 13 ins.
A portrait study for a larger portrait (P25 - destroyed by fire). The larger portrait was started in 1938, but not completed before the outbreak of WW2. This study was painted after the war, 1947, to complete the larger work.

P8: Beryl Dugdale, Countess of Rothes(d. 1994)

By James Gunn, signed.
Oil on canvas 50 X 40 ins.
Black dress, green chair, dull purple brocade curtain behind.
Exhibited:Royal Academy 1936. National Gallery of Scotland 'The Art of Jewellry in Scotland.' 1991. Because the portrait was at this exhibition it escaped the fire at Bourlets (1991) when the companion portrait (P25) and four other portraits were destroyed.
Beryl Violet, only daughter of Lionel and Violet Dugdale of Crathorne, Yorks, married 1926, Malcolm, 20th Earl of Rothes. They had 1 son and 2 daughters. She died 1994. (see M26)

P12: Children of the 20th Earl of Rothes

By Edward Halliday, signed and dated 1947.
Oil on canvas 21 x 26 ins.
Lady Jean Mckenzie, Lady Eve Mackworth-Young and Lord Leslie painted by the River Wylye.

P14: Ian, Lord Leslie

By H.C. Ellsby signed and dated 1938.
Oil on canvas 20 x 16 ins.
Ian Lionel Malcolm, only son of Malcolm, 20th Earl and his wife Beryl, born 1932, died 2005. Seated holding a teddy bear.

P13: Ian, Lord Leslie, later 21st Earl of Rothes.

By Edward Seago, signed and dated 1951.
Oil on canvas 23 x 19 ins.
Head and shoulders, carrying a gun over his shoulder.
In 1955 he married Marigold Evans Bevan, only daughter of Sir David Evans Bevan of Glamorgan. They had 2 sons.

P10: View of Leslie House

Attributed to Laporte.
Gouache 19 x 24ins.
Cleaned and treated with fungicide June 1978 by Miss Jane McAusland who attributed the picture to Nattes.

P61. Kininvie House

By Andrew Gamsley, 1944
Oil on canvas
Situated near Rothes in the Spey valley. Originally Kininvie House gave its name to a branch of the Balquhain Leslies, more recently owned and occupied (1936-45) by The Hon. J.W. Leslie, 2nd son of 19th Earl of Rothes. Renovated with additional building 1937. On loan.

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