About the Trust

The Trust has a permanent venue as part of the Glenrothes Heritage Centre, in Fife. Its aim is to house and display a selection of artefacts. Accessibility is important as is security in all respects and a controlled environment, essential for some of the older, more valuable items. 

As well as being on display at the Heritage Centre, the more important artefacts are displayed on the website so that as much information as possible is available. These articles are stored in many different places for safe keeping so this website is the central source of information. The articles may usually be viewed by appointment but advance notice is required. Each item displayed has a unique catalogue number, please be sure to quote this in the event of an enquiry.

Donations and bequests of artefacts or funds may be made at any time and are welcomed. Very limited funds are sometimes available for the purchase of exceptional items but the main expenditure is for the safe keeping and conservation of the articles.