A presentation pair of kid-leather gloves in a velvet covered case, made for George lV’s visit to Edinburgh 1822, to fulfill the obligation under an earlier Charter of 1398.
“Charter under the Great Seal by King Robert the Third to his cousin George of Leslie and Elizabeth his spouse, the King’s niece heritably, the Barony of Fythkill in the Shire of Fife, to be held by the said George and Elizabeth and their lawful children which failing the nearest and lawful heirs of the said George whatsoever, of His Majesty and his heirs in fee and heritage for ever giving to His Majesty and his heirs for said Barony yearly upon Whitsunday at the Market Cross of Cupar one pair of gloves.
This Charter is dated at Perth the 5th of February in the ninth year of the King’s Reign which is the year 1398 and the witness thereto are Walter, Bishop of St. Andrews, Gilbert, Bishop of Aberdeen and Lord Chancellor, David, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Steuart of Scotland. The King’s eldest son, Robert, Duke of Albany, Earl of Fife and Montieth, The King’s brother, Archibald, Earl of Douglas, Lord of Galloway, James Douglas, Lord of Dalkieth and Thomas Erskine, the King’s cousins.”