P41: John, Duke of Rothes

By L. Schunemann. Oil on canvas 48 x 39 ins. Companion portrait to his wife Anne (P26) by the same artist. Not inscribed but undoubtedly the Duke in his robes as Lord High Chancellor of Scotland. Purchased from Sothebys 2004 on closure of Leslie House. Extensively restored and cleaned by James H. Barry 2004.

P28: Elizabeth Leslie

Unknown artist (circa 1650) Oil on canvas 28 x 24 ins. Portrait of Mrs Elizabeth Leslie, half length, wearing a grey dress with white underbodice and a pink indian shawl, set in a painted oval. Inscribed ‘LL Mrs Eliz Leslie, daughter of Sir John Leslie of Newton, married to the Laird of Grange.’

P30: Hon: Charles Leslie

By William Aikman Oil on canvas. 50 x 40 ins. Three quarter length in green gold-embroidered suit. The Hon: Charles Leslie was the 2nd son of John, 9th Earl of Rothes. Joined a Scottish regiment in the service of the States of Holland attaining the rank of Colonel. He died in London 1769.

P7: Hannah Howard, Countess of Rothes

Probably by Jeremiah Davison Oil on canvas, 48 x 39 ins. In Peeress’s robes, blue-green drape. Wrongly inscribed; ‘Hannah, Daughter/of John 2nd Marqs of Tweedale/Married to John, 9th Earl of Rothes.’ Hannah Howard was the daughter of Matthew Howard of Norfolk, who married John, 10th Earl of Rothes in 1741. They had 2 sons and […]

P22: Margaret, Countess of Rothes

By John Baptiste de Medina Oil on canvas 49 x 40 ins. Blue dress, red drape, sunset background. Inscribed: ‘Margaret/Countess of Rothes, Eldest/Daughter + heir of John, Duke of Rothes/Married to Chas, 5th Earl of Haddington.’ Margaret was the daughter of the 7th Earl and therefore 8th in succession, her son therefore became the 9th […]

P23: Jean Hay, Countess of Rothes

By John Baptiste de Medina and his studio Oil on canvas 49 x 40 ins. Blue dress, pink drape and blue sky. Possibly old Leslie House with Italian garden in the background. Inscribed: ‘Lady Jean Hay/2nd daughter of John 2nd Marqs. of Tweedale/Married to John, 8th Earl of Rothes’. Lady Jean Hay was the daughter […]

P15: Double Portrait of Charles, 5th Earl of Haddington and Margaret, Countess of Rothes.

Circle of John Michael Wright. Oil on canvas 56 x 68 ins. Seated three-quarter length, Charles in a brown cloak, Margaret in a white dress. With identifying inscription. The basket of flowers between them probably indicates an early betrothal portrait. They married in 1674 and had three sons. The eldest, John succeeded his mother as […]

P2: John, 10th Earl of Rothes

By Sir Joshua Reynolds. Oil on canvas 49 x 39 ins. Red jacket, gold facings, pink sash and Order of the Thistle. A copy from the collection of the Earl of Haddington was sold at Sothebys Tyninghame sale 1987. Engraved Mezzotint by J. McArdell. Cleaned 1984. The dress uniform clearly shows the green sash of […]

P31: John, Duke of Rothes

Jacob Schunemann. Oil on Canvas 47 x 38 ins. Wearing the Chancellor’s robes. Inscribed ‘John, Duke of Rothes’. In 1651 he carried the Sword of State at the Coronation of Charles ll at Scone. Captured at the battle of Worcester 1651, returned to Scotland 1655 and finally liberated 1658 on payment of a fine to […]